Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide

Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide

Pikmin 4, where you’ll embark on daring rescue missions, explore mysterious caves, and engage in epic battles. One of the exciting game modes in Pikmin 4 is Dandori Battles, where you’ll compete against an opponent to earn the most points within a time limit. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide, exploring their locations, strategies, and how to achieve different rank levels. Prepare your Pikmin army, sharpen your skills, and get ready to conquer the Dandori Battles!

Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide

Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide

Dandori Battles are special caves in Pikmin 4 that function as an alternative game mode. Similar to 2-Player Battles in Pikmin 2 and Bingo Battle in Pikmin 3, these battles involve a competition between the player (marked with blue) and an opponent (marked with red) to see who can accumulate the most points. The player can earn points by collecting treasures and defeating enemies based on their weight. Each Dandori Battle is ranked with a “Dandori Level” from 1 to 5, indicating the difficulty level.

Dandori Battle Locations and Requirements

Sun-Speckled Terrace – Dandori Day Care

  • Usable Pikmin: Red Pikmin
  • Rank Conditions: Bronze – 90 pts, Silver – 100 pts, Gold – 120 pts, Platinum – 140 pts
  • Time Limit: 5:00

Blossoming Arcadia – Hotshock Canyon

  • Usable Pikmin: Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin
  • Rank Conditions: Bronze – 100 pts, Silver – 130 pts, Gold – 140 pts, Platinum – 160 pts
  • Time Limit: 7:00

Blossoming Arcadia – Rockaway Cellars

  • Usable Pikmin: Red Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
  • Rank Conditions: Bronze – 160 pts, Silver – 190 pts, Gold – 220 pts, Platinum – 240 pts
  • Time Limit: 7:00

Hero’s Hideaway – Test Tubs

  • Usable Pikmin: Blue Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
  • Rank Conditions: Bronze – 110 pts, Silver – 130 pts, Gold – 150 pts, Platinum – 170 pts
  • Time Limit: 6:00

Optimize the use of your Pikmin, selecting the right ones for each battle to maximize efficiency. Focus on collecting larger treasures, which yield more points, while also eliminating enemies to boost your score. Keep track of the time limit and plan your actions accordingly to maximize your point accumulation.

Pikman 4 Dandori Battle Guide

Final Words

Dandori Battles in Pikmin 4 offer a competitive and engaging experience, challenging you to showcase your Pikmin management skills and strategic prowess. By following our comprehensive guide and implementing effective strategies, you’ll be on your way to conquering the Dandori Battles and earning prestigious rank levels. Gather your Pikmin, explore the various battle locations, and claim victory in these thrilling encounters. Best of luck on your Dandori Battles adventure!

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