[Solved] Baldur's Gate 3 Cloud Save Not Working

[Solved] Baldur’s Gate 3 Cloud Save Not Working

Players diving into the immersive world of Baldur’s Gate 3 have encountered a persistent issue with the game’s cloud save functionality, leading to difficulties in saving progress. This problem has been a cause of frustration among many gamers. Here’s a breakdown of solutions and workarounds to tackle this issue.

Save Syncing Troubles

Players have reported encountering an error message indicating the inability to save due to ongoing cloud sync processes. This issue disrupts the saving mechanism, hindering progress and causing inconvenience during gameplay.

[Solved] Baldur's Gate 3 Cloud Save Not Working

Disabling Cloud Sync

One of the common remedies suggested involves turning off the cloud sync feature specifically for Baldur’s Gate 3. This process typically includes accessing the game’s properties on Steam and disabling cloud save functionalities.

Manual Folder Deletion

Another workaround involves manually removing certain folders related to the game from the local directories. This action aims to reset the cloud save synchronization and potentially resolve the saving issue.

Offline Mode Activation

Switching to offline mode on Steam has been recommended as an effective solution by some players. This method aims to bypass cloud sync processes, allowing players to save their progress locally without interruptions.

Launcher Resetting

A troubleshooting tip involves launching the game directly through the executable file within the game’s installation directory. This method attempts to reset the launcher and potentially mitigate cloud save syncing issues.

Some players have resorted to temporarily disabling cloud save syncing in their Steam settings until a comprehensive fix is provided. This action allows local saves without relying on cloud synchronization.

While players continue to explore workarounds, the community eagerly awaits official fixes or patches from the game developers. A permanent solution from the developers would offer a more reliable and seamless gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

While the cloud save issue in Baldur’s Gate 3 persists, players are actively engaging in troubleshooting and seeking solutions. The community’s collective efforts and the anticipation of developer-provided fixes maintain hope for a more consistent and hassle-free saving experience in the future.

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