No PS4 Prompt Buttons, Dual Sense (DS) Support in Street Fighter 6, and PS Controller recognized as Xbox Controller

Woke Street Fighter! What does it even mean in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta just went live and everyone is trolling with “Woke Street Fighter”. Have you ever wondered what it even means in Street Fighter 6? Whether it is a troll or a meme? Well, here we are going to discuss that in detail.

Woke Street Fighter! What does it even mean in Street Fighter 6

What is Street Fighter 6 About?

Every once in a while we get to experience the release of new Fighting Games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and then again a Street Fighter as well. All of them are considered the top-notch games in the franchise.

It is developed by Capcom and actually the sixth entry in the franchise. Quite strange because Capcom named it 6, not 7.

Here, you can choose the characters that are carried on from the previous Street Fighter games and then again, we get to experience some new ones as well.

The character design is totally changed here, with Ryu (the main character) being much more mature and in control. That being said, let’s cut to the chase here.

Woke Street Fighter!

The meaning behind Woke Street Fighter is that the series literally tuned into an Anime series. Being something with dark and mature background and cartoonish features, the Sixth Initiative can be seen with girls doing TikTok, Chun Li doing UWU, and our boy Ryu doing a peace sign.

What has the world come to? The Street Fighters are turned into Social Keyboard Warriors if you ask me.

What’s our take?

Nothing… Yeah, nothing is my take if you ask me because it doesn’t take away the fun part of the game. You have characters, fighting, multiplayer and it is free. You can enjoy the Open Beta Free of cost.

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