How to Detect ChatGPT Content

How to Detect ChatGPT Content: Guide to GPTZero and DetectGPT

OpenAI ChatGPT blew all of our minds with its crazy human-like answers and understanding of the questions we put forth. But, just like anything in this world, the use kind of misleads some people and they start using it as a cheat. That’s why we went ahead and compiled this Guide on How to Detect ChatGPT Content.

Why it is essential to Detect ChatGPT Content?

Why Detect ChatGPT Content – A Guide on How to Detect ChatGPT Content

Artificial Intelligence has been in the business for quite some time, helping people perform tasks much more efficiently, but there was always a skilled person behind the use. Now that is completely changed with the introduction of ChatGPT, which is a Chat Bot that can help you with Coding, as well as Writing.

Looking at one angle, it is a tool that will help Writers and Coders complete tasks much more efficiently, without fewer mistakes and waste of time. Like asking for SEO Optimized Titles, Sorting out stuff, asking for help, and so on.

The other angle is that Students, as well as some Rookies that just started in the Business, are using it for cheating. Students utilize it for Cheating on Assignments, Quizzes, Tests, and so on, while Rookies utilize it to take Jobs of Professionals who are in this Business for years, learning their skills.

Therefore, it becomes essential to Detect the content by ChatGPT or any other AI-powered tool. In this Guide on How to Detect ChatGPT Content, we will be showing you two of the best tools for Detecting ChatGPT specifically, known as GPTZero and DetectGPT.

How to Detect ChatGPT Content?

Now we will be breaking down both of these Tools and Guide you on what’s the take and how you can use them to Know whether Content is written by ChatGPT or not.

Detecting ChatGPT Content using GPTZero – A Guide

GPTZero to Detect ChatGPT Content

The worst part about ChatGPT is that it is hard to tell with the naked eye whether the content is written by ChatGPT or not. At least if you don’t focus on it enough or the other person just puts two to three human errors inside.

For Educators, this becomes a serious issue because Students aren’t getting the basics now and without basics, things don’t work out well in the future. To help Educators, Edward Tian Programmed GPTZero, which is specifically made to Detect Written Content by ChatGPT.

GPTZero is a Tool that Teachers and others can utilize for Completely Free. Its accuracy is around 98 percent which is pretty high if you ask me. It is made specifically to tackle Students Cheating with ChatGPT and acts as a safeguard because AI is here to stay.

Working of GPTZero

This Tool will detect Burstiness and Perplexity in the Text generated by ChatGPT. The first one is the Complexity of the Sentence while the second one is the measure of Randomness in the Text generated through the Language Model.

Just open GPTZero from here and open the File that you have to check whether it is Generated by AI, specifically ChatGPT. That’s all on How to Detect ChatGPT Content by GPTZero.

Detecting ChatGPT Content using DetectGPT – A Guide

DetectGPT to Detect ChatGPT Content

DetectGPT is the latest entry in the battlefield for Detecting content written by ChatGPT. The OpenAI or any other ChatBot works on LLMs or is referred to as the Language Models.

Using these models you can make a ChatBot to write information for you and using this same Model you can catch a ChatBot written content. Working on the same basics, Stanford Researchers made a new method referred to as the DetectGPT.

Just as the name suggests, it is made completely to detect the AI Written Content using Language Models. Therefore, stopping the Students from Cheating in their Exams, Assignments, and Tasks.

Working of DetectGPT

It is only a suggestion made by Researchers at Stanford University. The software might go live a bit later on, but it will be the best Tool to Detect ChatGPT Content in the market.

DetectGPT works on the Method of Zero Shot. It allows the software to detect AI or Machine Written Content or Writing without knowing the AI Model. In simpler wordings, you just give it the Text and it will tell you whether the Written content is AI-Generated or not.

Detecting ChatGPT Content using Writer AI Content Detector

Writer AI Content Detector

Google is known to throw you off the building if Content is written by an AI. The AI Content Detector made by is not properly good for Students or Education System, but it is made to Detect whether Content is written by AI or not, specifically for Blogs Published on Google.

Working of Writer AI Content Detector

Just go to the AI Content Detector Site here, put in the URL, or add some Text you need to check. After pressing Analyze you will get to know whether the Content is from AI or not.

Our Take on Detecting ChatGPT Content

We tried to mention the three Best Methods to Detect Content Written by ChatGPT. Two of them are made for Students including ZeroGPT and DetectGPT, while the third one by is made to Detect Blog Content for the Site.

Honestly, ChatGPT isn’t the enemy here, but rather the system or the Students who are cheating with it. ChatGPT is an asset for people and it can help with increasing the efficiency of work.

Yes, there should be a Check or a Higher Authority looking after it. Sadly, there isn’t and Teachers or Checkers have to utilize other tools. That is why if you are one of those people who are looking to detect AI Content, we have here a complete Guide on How to Detect ChatGPT Content.

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